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About Painless Dent Removal

At Painless Dent Removal, we perform auto body repairs for a fraction of the cost and in significantly less time than a traditional auto body repair shop. Instead of doing major surgery on your vehicle when it has only minor damage, we have the tools and skills to work out many dents and dings in a few hours without the need for painting, refinishing or touch-ups. You save time and money, avoid the inconvenience of being without your vehicle for days or weeks, and preserve your vehicle’s original finish.

See the results for yourself in these Before & After Photos.

Our specialized technicians have been in the auto body repair business for over 30 years, including 20 years in paintless dent repair (PDR). Since 2008, our technicians have focused exclusively on paintless dent removal and repair. We are customer and quality focused, and we love what we do!


“John, I really appreciate your approach to repairing the panels on my car and my faith in the small businessman. You are from that rare breed of craftsman who built their services around their skills and their customers. It has been a long time since I’ve experienced service that started with my phone call setting up an appointment and didn’t end until you felt the job was done right and all of my questions were answered. This guy is a artist!”

Dr. Steve M – Glenview, IL

“As a sport car owner, it is imperative to maintain the car in top shape. And John has accomplished just that with my body works. PDR really works… and works great. I had 2 small dents on my fender, and a crease on my rear fender (which was quite tricky since there’s no other way to get behind the body frame) & a ding on a side of door. The end result was fantastic..! Mr. John is a true artisan.”

Mat W- Carol Stream, IL